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upbeat musician, singer/songwriter, dan peart brings a uniquely positive perspective for each audience member by performing all-time-top-requested songs from the beatles to led zeppelin, plus equally tasty originals.


check the calendar on this page to Come see and hear the best mix of live acoustic music.

experience the fun moments where everybody feels great and pleasantly surprised at the performance quality of selections from major recording artists,  with fresh compositions from a local man doing good...   ..."really."

by the way, Dan peart's Newest cd, "really", is available now !

cds are free with a $5.00 tip in person from the stage  :)

otherwise, contact  dan peart  (small letters:  classic58dan@yahoo.com) and/or digital downloads via http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/danpeart2.  

Dan peart's second cd of all original songs, "really", showcases songwriting from an advanced artist, experienced in sharing universal truths with soulfully sung lyrics and outstanding musicianship.

...the latest showcase video of "everything about you" at the tom Jackson productions annual live music workshop: 


( ...P.S....  I followed the workshop suggestions and rebuilt the song into it's even better, newer form as: "A Day Like ToDay" .  it can currently only be heard live until my next studio recording sessions and release... )


Contact Dan Peart:  classic58dan@yahoo.com

With well seasoned musicianship and soulful vocals, singer/songwriter Dan Peart, as a solo performer or fronting the Dan Peart Band, offers charismatic, feel good listening from folk blues to fun rock, with original compositions and classic covers, drawing on favorite musical influences such as: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, CCR, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Neil Young and ZZ Top, etc., etc., etc.

 "I was breezin' through downtown Davenport, Iowa & heard this gent pickin' at Mojo's Coffee House... & after listening to about 2 of his originals, I knew he had the "stuff", especially when I heard his harp-playing!  ...songs like "Mississippi Mud" are what distinguish the truth-tellers from poseurs, and Peart makes it very clear that he's paid his dues..., tracks like "No Fool Like A Wise Man In Love" show off significant guitar and lyrical skills as well. This kind of music can only come from the heart, else it comes off about as fake as a politician in church, & the proof is in the playing... Dan's "Truth Be Told" CD gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any listener into high-energy folk&blues." - Dick Metcalf, IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION

Dan Peart's CD "really" is available to be sampled and bought online at iTunes and at:

"If you are a fan of acoustic guitar work, you will be impressed with how Peart moves up and down the frets with single notes, chords and providing a strong back beat. Harp fans will enjoy his vibrant style of play. This is a nice opening effort for a talented musician. If this CD is indicative of what Peart can do, I am sure we will be seeing much more of this guy in years to come!" - Steve Jones, Crossroads Blues Society, for BLUES BLAST Internet Magazine 



"It's about the songs, writing lyrics I care to sing, and evolving as a musician. I've been playing bass, keyboards, and guitars in several dance bands over the years, even touring coast-to-coast. To return to solo acoustic guitar and harmonicas leaves a little to your imagination. I could perform the songs on this CD in your living room, without electricity, or on stages anywhere." - DP

Most of the "really" and "Truth Be Told" CDs were recorded by Kirk Kaufman at Junior's Motel studio near Fort Dodge, IA. The sessions were literally one live take each of original songs for copyright and demo purposes.

...about "Truth Be Told":  "Acoustic blues rock debut from a seasoned songwriter serving up heaping helpings of soulful singing, guitar playing, and harmonicas. Starts strong and gets better going along, with uplifting lyrics and music, this is a feel good CD for any road trip." - cdbaby
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