DP 2016 Performance Calendar + DP CDs info

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WEDNESDAY JANUARY 4th, 6:30-8:30pm, The Faithful Pilot, LeClaire, IA
FRIDAY JANUARY 6th, 6-9pm, Bombfire Pizza, Sabula, IA
FRIDAY JANUARY 13th, 8-11pm, The Rusty Fox, Sterling, IL
SATURDAY JANUARY 14th, 8-Midnight, Harrington’s Pub, Port Byron, IL
SATURDAY JANUARY 28th, 6-9pm, Bombfire Pizza, Sabula, IA
FRIDAY FEBRUARY 3rd, 6-9pm, Bombfire Pizza, Sabula, IA
FRIDAY FEBRUARY 10th, 7-10pm, Riverboat Lounge, Dubuque, IA
SATURDAY FEBRUARY 25th, 6-9pm, Riverboat Lounge, Dubuque, IA
FRIDAY MARCH 3rd, 6-9pm, Bombfire Pizza, Sabula, IA


Dan Peart LIVE = the best mix of feel good perspective lyrics, upbeat music, with covers and more original songs as influenced by top quality popular artists…  …always tailored for the changing audience right now.

Good times! Unsolicited testimony!!!
Good times, July 2016!!     Unsolicited testimony!!!


Dan Peart CDs “Truth Be Told” and “really” Available NOW!

A well traveled musical artist returns home to share fun, universal insights as a seasoned solo entertainer…  It’s all about the words and music, which are appropriate for living rooms or stages anywhere.   “Truth Be Told” and “really” feature upbeat themes from personal experience, with guitar playing and singing that reflect finding good times and happiness now.

Album_Art_COVER  Both CDs  – Professional Studio Recordings

DP_really-CD-art  Both CDs – All Original Tracks

available from the stage, or listen and buy at: